Leading the way of Child Safeguarding and Child Protection in the Middle East

Child Safe ME has been established as a boutique consultancy company providing specialist consulting services on various Child Protection and Safeguarding topics


We provide bespoke and tailored consulting services in all areas of child safeguarding to customers in all sectors. We support organizations to stay on track with the UN's international child rights.

Training & Workshops

Our workshops have been designed around best-practices for anyone working or volunteering with children in different settings. We maintain various range of face to face trainings consistent with international guidelines and standards on children's rights.

Policy Development

We work closely with organizations to create a child-safe environment by following a step by step clear guidance based on international best practices.

Capacity Building

We work with organizations to build or strengthen their internal capabilities around child protection and safeguarding and help them to promote and raise awareness on how to keep children safe. We also deliver different safe programming tools for various sectors.


Partnered Organizations

Workshops &






Proudly Present


Maryam is very much updated and passionate about the lives of children and their future. She is a great trainer, teacher, and person indeed.

I was very happy to attend the event. The workshop was well organized and the method used by Maryam was very effective. 

Thank you for a great session with so many useful discussions that came out of it. As a result, I am now very confident about the differences between child protection and child safeguarding 

Our Founder

Maryam Ehsani

For more than 10 years, the founder and CEO, Ms. Maryam Ehsani, has been leading the development of the international child safeguarding standards and frameworks and has been supporting more than 100 international organizations such as NGOs and governments bodies across Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa to set up and implement the child safeguarding measures underpinned by the UN’s Conventions on the Rights of the Children. Through her engagements, Maryam has worked with and advised high profile organizations across the world.

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