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Learn more about our comprehensive services on all aspects of child safeguarding and protection

Child Safe ME is a consulting firm that specialises in supporting organisations from different sectors, such as health, education, government, humanitarian to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable people is a priority number one.

Our work has a strong focus on the International Safeguarding standards in ensuring that all regions adapt the best practices on child safeguarding and child protection standards. Child Safe ME has made great partnership and engagements by working with various organisations in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa to implement child protection and child safeguarding systems and helping them to build stronger procedures and capability. CSME has an extensive expertise in risk assessment, policy development, auditing, training and workshops, safeguarding evaluation and assessment.

Meet The Team


Maryam Ehsani

For more than 10 years, the founder and CEO, Ms. Maryam Ehsani, has been leading the development of the international child safeguarding standards and frameworks and has been supporting more than 100 international organizations such as NGOs and governments bodies across Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa to set up and implement the child safeguarding measures underpinned by the UN’s Conventions on the Rights of the Children. Through her engagements, Maryam has worked with and advised high profile organizations across the world.

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